Bif Bang Pow! is releasing this exclusive Star Trek: The Original Series Fine Art Coasters Set of 40, Series 1. This is for the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con. The set will feature 40 coasters emblazoned with the TOS Art Prints by Juan Ortiz, with the coasters crafted of cork-backed laminated wood. And the coasters will come in a laminated-wood Enterprise box. Only 560 sets will be produced.
Product description

  • Coast into the final frontier!
  • Wooden coasters featuring fine-art from Star Trek: The Original Series.
  • Series 1 of 2 includes 40 exclusive coasters, each based on a TOS episode!
  • Derived from the Star Trek: The Original Series Art Program.

Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusive! Coast into the final frontier while protecting your Earth-bound furniture with this astonishing set of 40 coasters derived from the Star Trek: The Original Series Art Program that includes inspiration from The Original Series with 80 movie-style pieces of art eclipsing every episode of the initial Star Trek television series, including the first pilot. Crafted of cork backed, laminated wood and arriving in a laminated-wood Enterprise box, each coaster measures approximately 5 3/4-inches tall x 3 3/4-inches wide and displays a 4-colour image unique to a specific poster and episode. Beam them into your collection now!
Pre-order now from for $99.99