Andreas Haase is a product designer who was inspired by Star Trek The Original Series to make an iPhone 6 case in the form of the communicator. Andreas has setup a Kickstarter to help fund the production of these cases.

When I was young in the 70s, I always wanted to have a product like what I saw on that famous sci fi series in the late 60s. To be able to traverse the galaxy and speak to my people with a communicator was so awesome. I built the models, that AMT created, but they only looked cool. Heck, they weren’t even the correct scale. Now that I am older and can create cool stuff, based on my favorite smart phone, I made the Communicator iPhone 6 case for myself and for you! Relive your childhood with this enhancement to your iPhone 6. Show your friends that you can trek across the galaxy with trek pride.

iPhone 6 Communicator CaseAndreas hopes to raise $12,000 for Communicator iPhone 6 Case. The project has 28 days remaining.

Here are the rewards for people who back the project.

  • $20 – Early bird special! get the communicator case for your iPhone 6
  • $30 – Get the communicator for $30 before they are gone
  • $40 – Early bird special for 2 iPhone 6 communicators
  • $150 – Get 10 communicators for your shop! this is a great deal for your retail stores. get them in first!

To find out more and to back the project visit the Kickstarter project