Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “The Best of Both Worlds” the classic Star Trek cliffhanger coming to Blu-ray 29th April, 2013. Newly remastered as a feature length presentation in glorious high definition.

Synopsis: The powerful cliffhanger: The Best of Both Worlds Part 1 and 2 has been fully restored in brilliant 1080p HD and seamlessly edited together into one feature-length presentation…and the crew of the Enterprise is asked: How do you stop an unstoppable foe? The Enterprise team discovers the devastated remains of a Federation colony as an ambitious young officer joins the crew to confirm the presence of the deadly Borg. Soon after, Borg drones abduct Captain Picard, mutilating him horribly as they assimilate him into their collective. Commander Riker must take over as Enterprise captain as Steerfleet braces for an all-out battle to defend Earth. But the Borg’s power proves overwhelming, and resistance is futile. Will Riker be forced to destroy his former captain to save Earth and the Federation?

Here is a short trailer of what the packaging for  “The Best of Both Worlds” on Blu-Ray will look like.

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Source CBS Home Entertainment