Star Trek: The Next Generation – Hearts And Minds is written by Dayton Ward and is the latest Star Trek novel from Simon & Schuster/Pocket Book. The book is released on May 30, 2017 and will have 400 pages.

Book description:

An electrifying thriller from the New York Times bestselling author in the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe.


2031: United States Air Force fighter jets shoot down an unidentified spacecraft and take its crew into custody. Soon, it’s learned that the ship is one of several dispatched across space by an alien species, the Eizand, to search for a new home before their own world becomes uninhabitable. Fearing extraterrestrial invasion, government and military agencies which for more than eighty years have operated in secret swing into action, charged with protecting humanity no matter the cost…


2386: Continuing their exploration of the Odyssean Pass, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise discover what they at first believe is a previously uncharted world, with a civilization still recovering from the effects of global nuclear war. An astonishing priority message from Starfleet Command warns that there’s more to this planet than meets the eye, and Picard soon realizes that the mysteries of this world may well weave through centuries of undisclosed human history…

Pre-order from Amazon US Released May 30, 2017

Pre-order from Amazon UK Released June 15, 2017