Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy was pushed in a wheelchair through a bustling airport in New York on Monday.

The 82-year-old, who is most famous for his turn as Vulcan crew member Mr Spock, looked in a typically serious mood as he arrived on the mainland following a trip to tropical Saint Martin in the Caribbean.

But there is little doubt the multitalented actor and director, who had minor abdominal surgery in 2010, was looking great for his age in a brown jacket, pullover, trousers and casual shoes.

And while he is getting on in years, he is still trying to use his celebrity for good, advising his almost 800,000 Twitter followers on Sunday to help stamp out bullying.

He said: “I for one have had enough of bullies. Have you? See someone being bullied? Be a friend. LLAP (live long and prosper).”

He also made a remarkable offer to everyone on the internet, saying: ”Want to take me as your honorary grandfather? Done!! Tell all. LLAP.”

While the actor retired from attending Star Trek conventions in 2011 he continues to reach out to his fans whenever he can and made a cameo as the steadfastly logical Vulcan in last year’s reboot sequel Into Darkness.

He was even urging his supporters to tune into a forthcoming marathon of shows being shown on US television next month.

Leonard said: “Trek Fest coming to EPIX on 2/16. I’ll be there. Join me.”

Original article from Daily Mail

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