Harlan Ellison

photo copyright 2014, Steven Barber

Creation Entertainment’s 13th Annual Official Star Trek Convention Las Vegas 2014 will be on 31st July – 3rd August and will be located at The Rio Suites in Las Vegas. They have announced that Harlan Ellison who wrote the TOS episode “The City on the Edge of Forever,” and now the IDW comic book series with the same name will be their 100th guest. This is a very rare convention appearance for Ellison.

“As one of our country’s best writers/speakers, this is truly a big deal for us, and Harlan wants to do three panels: one alone, one with Walter Koenig and one with Grace Lee Whitney,” Gary Berman, co-founder and co-CEO of Creation Entertainment, told StarTrek.com. “Harlan will also be in the vendors room throughout the weekend to meet fans and sign autographs gratis.”

For more info on the event visit Creation Entertainment’s website

Source Star Trek.com