Kelley McMorris is a professional illustrator who grew up with Star Trek the Original Series. Kelley has combined her love for Star Trek, 60’s fashion and drawing by giving herself the mission to draw all of Captain Kirk’s love interests. The book is called Ladies of Kirk.

Kelley has setup a Kickstarter to help fund the production of the book.

I have drawn all of the women that Captain Kirk ever kissed in the original Star Trek series. Part celebration of the women of Trek, part loving parody of our favorite Captain, Ladies of Kirk is a fully-illustrated original art book. Brilliant lawyer Areel, shapeshifting telepath Sylvia, wholesome Edith Keeler, they’re all here. One captain, nineteen women, one book.

Ladies of Kirk will be a 6×9″, 42 page, full-color, softbound and hardbound book. It will contain 19 colorful illustrations, with a memorable quote and short summary of each character. By backing my Kickstarter, you can get your own copy of Ladies of Kirk.

Ladies in the book: Andrea, Helen Noel, Leonore Karidian, Areel Shaw, Edith Keeler, Marlena, Sylvia, Shana, Elaan, Ann Mulhall, Kelinda, Drusilla, Miramanee, Uhura, Deela, Odona, Nona, Rayna and Marta.

Kelley hopes to raise $2,500 for Ladies of Kirk book. The project currently has $6,886 and has 49 hours remaining of the project.

Kelley is offering some great rewards for people who back the book. Here are a few of them:

  • $10 – Digital book download of Ladies of Kirk as a PDF.
  • $15 – Paperback copy of Ladies of Kirk.
  • $25 – Paperback copy of Ladies of Kirk, plus a set of 5 mailable postcards featuring 5 of the ladies from the book.
  • $40 – Signed, limited edition hardback copy of Ladies of Kirk, plus a set of 5 mailable postcards!

To find out more and to back the project visit the Kickstarter project

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