From Her Universe is a new selection of Star Trek Into Darkness clothing for ladies.
Product description
You Khaaaan wear this tee shirt anywhere you want to. No one Khaaan stop you. You Khaaan wear it to the Khaaan-dy store. You Khaaaan wear it to the Khaaan-Khaaan sale at Shop Right. You Khaaan wear it here. You Khaaan wear it there. You Khaaan wear it anywhere!
Celebrate the best of the Star Trek Movies by screaming your lungs out! This Khaaaaan Ladies V Neck Tee is a sexy way to show your devotion.
This black coloured V neck fitted Star trek t-shirt is made up of 100% ringspun cotton jersey, with Star Trek insignia on the chest and Khaaaaaan! written along the front and back hem of the t-shirt. This is a fitted t-shirt, so we recommend going a size up if you do not want it to be a snug fit.

Size Chart

Waist 31 1/2 – 33 in. 33 1/2 – 35 in. 36 – 37 in. 38 – 40 in. 40 – 42 in.
Chest 32 – 33 1/2 in. 34 – 35 1/2 in. 36 – 38 in. 39 – 41 in. 42 – 43 in.

Visit Her Universe to buy for $28.
Visit Think Geek to buy for $24.99
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