Trekkie Girls

The Trekkie Girls attended a special screening preview this morning for Star Trek Into Darkness along with Benedict Cumberbatch, Alice Eve and producer Bryan Burk.

Sam and Carole said on their blog:

“We have lived the Trekkie dream this morning by attending the Exclusive Footage Preview at the British Film Institutes IMAX in London kindly shown by Paramount Pictures. Shown before any of the many 9 minute previews scheduled around Britain along side the Hobbit.”

After the screening the Trekkie Girls got to interview Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve (Contains Spoilers)

After some time to process Carole and Sam give you the scoop on the first 9 minutes of Star Trek into Darkness. (Contains spoilers)


Trekkie Girls Star Trek Into DarknessKey points of the 9 mins:

  • Opening mins is set in London as a young couple visit their dying daughter in hospital.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch’s character appears on screen and tells them that he can save her.
  • The film then switches to Kirk and his crew as they battle to save an M-Class planet from destruction at the hands of a volcano.
  • Kirk and Bones run from the angry indigenous population.
  • Spock descends into the heart of the volcano.
  • USS Enterprise under water.
  • Spock becomes trapped and as the nine-minutes come to a close.

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