Star Trek Into Darkness has been voted the worst movie in the franchise by fans at Star Trek 2013 con’s ‘One Trek Mind Live’ panel in Las Vegas. Attendees were asked to rank the 12 movies in order, with 1999’s parody Galaxy Quest also listed among the options for some reason.

The film has made over $450 million (£291 million) around the world and is the most successful film in the franchises history. The hardcore fans took issue with the movie.

Badass Digest‘s Devin Faraci is quoted as saying: “Star Trek Into Darkness was met with boos when it was mentioned, and one guy took the mic to say these reboots shouldn’t even be considered for a list of Star Trek movies.”

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was named the best of the series, while Star Trek: First Contact ranked in second place.

Galaxy Quest was named 7th best film despite it not even being a Star Trek film.

Fan-hated Star Trek V: The Final Frontier was ranked one up from Into Darkness as the 12th worst.

Here’s the full list:

Source Yahoo! UK Movies