In the film Star Trek Into Darkness, you see 14 different models in Admiral Marcus’ office. QMx will be releasing several of these models, some as Artisan filming miniatures and some as smaller-scale, value-priced replicas. Fans can expect to see the Vengeance in both prop and collector scale; the Kelvin in collector scale; and the Ring Ship in a very limited, prop-scale Comic-Con exclusive release. The company also plans to release a prop-scale version of the NX-01.

Press release:

LOS ANGELES – May 20, 2013 – When you build starships for a living, there really is no greater honor than to be asked to build one for a major motion picture. Much less for a Star Trek movie. Much less 14 of them.

For Star Trek Into Darkness, Quantum Mechanix’s Artisan prop and model shop, QMx FX Cinema Arts, was asked to illustrate the history of starflight in the new Star Trek timeline with models. The 14 filming miniatures we created can be seen stretching across the credenza in Admiral Marcus’ office starting with the Wright Flyer and ending with the U.S.S. Vengeance.

While they get lots of screen time in that scene, we thought some of you might like a slightly closer look at some of those models. It’s with that in mind that we offer the gallery below.

It was fun helping stitch together old Trek and new with this set of models. We were very happy to see some venerable (if obscure) ships from Trek make it into the new timeline:

Source QMx