Star Trek fan Anthony Sforza 1Star Trek fan Anthony Sforza, from Long Island, New York, has spent $500,000 transforming the basement of his home into a replica of the Starship Enterprise NX-01. Anthony has been collecting memorabilia from the cult show since the 1980s.

In 2010, he began the process of transforming his basement into Captain Jonathan Archer’s ship.

The father-of-two spent 1,500 hours over the past three years on the massive redesign.

He said: “It was very difficult at first to find materials that they used on the show.”

“I tried to call them but getting an answer was impossible.”

“Fortunately I was able to purchase a piece of the original set which I pulled apart to find out the exact paint and materials that were used – that’s how I created the basement.”

Star Trek fan Anthony Sforza 2Daniel, 7 said: “I think that it’s cool because he has all the belts and badges and everything is here to show just how much he loves Star Trek.”

His 11-year-old son Michael, added: “I would love to do something like this when I’m older – it would be pretty cool and I think it would be a good addition to any home.”

His sister Marion, doesn’t share his passion for Trek and said:

 “Anthony’s been obsessed with Star Trek for as long as I think I’ve been alive.”

“I don’t remember him ever not being obsessed with it, even when he was a little boy.”

“I think he’s a freak, but he loves it and he could be into worse things so if that’s what makes him happy then that’s great.”

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 Sforza still has the full support of his wife Annette who said: 

“When Anthony first told me his vision for the basement I couldn’t see it the way he did until he started building it.”

“Once that started happening we all started getting very excited because we were seeing his vision come to fruition.”

“I think it’s wonderful, I admire him so much for being able to put vision into something like this and for it to look so incredible – it’s wonderful and I’m so proud of him.”

Original source Mail Online