University of Nebraska science professor David Pares is attempting to build a warp drive in back of his own garage. Pares claims that his low-power array that uses just 100 watts, will “compresses the fabric of space” around a set weight.

On average, Pares spends a couple of hours a day here almost every day of the week. To bend the fabric of space, he sits in front of a tray of instruments, twisting knobs and glancing every now and then into a Faraday cage, where a 3.5-pound weight hangs inside an electrically isolated case. Outside the case hangs a strange instrument made up of V-shape panels with fractal arrays on the surfaces. The instrument is the latest version of what Pares believes is the world’s first low-power warp drive motor.  – Omaha World-Herald

NASA have been working on their own version of a warp drive as reported back in June 2014. The article can be found here.