Star Trek fan Michael Bowers has designed and 3D printed his own table lamp based on the warp core from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Using HD captures of the warp core, he recreated it using computer aided design and 3D printed the modular pieces.

“I carefully modeled the Warp Core Table Lamp from HD screen captures of the Warp Core on Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was designed to print in modular pieces without support. Print your Warp Core Table Lamp to be as tall as you’d like! This lamp adds a hypnotic sci-fi touch to any room. Geordi would love it.”

Everything you need to know about building one yourself can be found here ThePlanetMike

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Another Star Trek fan Alex Roberts created a 25% scaled-down version of the lamp above. Alex’s mini warpcore uses Adafruit’s 5V trinket Microcontroller, and the Adafruit neopixel sticks.