Star Trek: Enterprise Season 1, will be released onto Blu-ray on 26th March 2013. The cover was conceived utilizing fan input.

The six-disc set, from CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution, will include all 25 first-season Enterprise episodes and several new audio commentaries (featuring Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, Dan Curry, Mike Sussman, David Livingston, Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating and more). Also included are several new bonus features, notably “To Boldly Go: Launching Enterprise,” a three-part retrospective documentary.

  • “Part One: Countdown” explores the challenges of creating a Trek prequel series (and includes interviews with Berman, Braga, Herman Zimmerman, Michael and Denise Okuda, etc).
  • “Part Two: Boarding the NX-01” chronicles the casting process and keys in on the production of the “Broken Bow” pilot (with Scott Bakula, director James Conway, Trinneer and Keating among the interviewees).
  • “Part Three: First Flight” examines the rest of season one and offers interviews with production and post-production personnel.
  • Also included in The Complete First Season are previously released special features, among them outtakes, deleted scenes and Archival Mission Logs

Back in November 2012, Star and CBS Home Entertainment released 3 potential cover options for the fans to vote on. Here is the earlier article with the covers.

No option dominated the voting, the team at CBS Home Entertainment created a cover incorporating the array of comments from fans who voted. Here is the final cover for season 1.

Star Trek: Enterprise — Season 1 will feature 19-plus hours of material and is available to pre-order from Amazon US for $83.99

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