Anovos Productions LLC have a new fan-funded project available called the NovoStarter Projects.

The goal of the NovoStarter Projects is to put the fans, in the cockpit where they can either drive the product into full production — or stop it all together — based on the amount of pre-orders made.


They have currently two options for the fans, The Battlestar Galactica Raptor Jacket and Star Trek Enterprise Archer Flight Jacket.

The NovoStarter Challenge rules:

  1. There are two jackets. Those of you who pre-order the jacket that has the most orders — among the first three tiers — receive a free gift to go with their order:
  2. Limited to one (1) Jacket — either the Raptor Jacket or the Archer Jacket, NOT one (1) of each — per person in Tiers 1 through 3, so act wisely.
  3. Have fun.

Enterprise-Captain-Archer-Flight-JacketProduct description for Star Trek Enterprise Archer Flight Jacket:

Designed with the invaluable assistance of Star Trek Art Department’s Mike Okuda and Doug Drexler, and inspired from the Enterprise jumpsuit created by Star Trek Costume Designer Robert Blackman, the jacket features the look and feel of an authentic Starfleet uniform prior to the founding of the United Federation of Planets. Features patches created by Mike Okuda, as well as command division gold striping, unique neck mirroring the look of the Enterprise jumpsuit, and even a replica of the “Starfleet Mission Control” identification badge from “First Flight” that can be attached or detached from the zipper pull!

  • Inspired by the Enterprise jumpsuit designed by Star Trek Costume Designer Robert “Bob” Blackman.
  • Constructed from 65% polyester and 35% cotton with 100% polyester inside liner.
  • Fully lined and designed to be a completely functional jacket.
  • Interior liner “rescue” yellow-gold color as used for the flight suits depicted in the episode “First Flight.”
  • Lining features extra insulation with accurate cross hatching pattern.
  • Four large front pockets to accommodate wallets, phones, aviator sunglasses, and more!
  • Hidden pocket inside of jacket (on the left hand side) for smaller items with zipper.
  • Elastic waist and wrist banding for maximal warmth containment.
  • Uses the jumpsuit blue/purple color, and is matched to costumes used in the first two seasons of Enterprise.
  • Collar of jacket influenced by the collar used for Enterprise officer’s jumpsuit.
  • Command division gold piping as replicated from Enterprise jumpsuit.
  • Patches created using artwork from Mike Okuda, with assistance by Doug Drexler:
    • “Ad Astra Per Aspera” patch on right upper sleeve, as seen in the episode “First Flight.”
    • “NX Project” patch on right chest pocket, as first seen on the yellow space suits in the episode “First Flight.”
    • “Starfleet Mission Control” patch below right chest pocket, as seen on the yellow space suits in the episode “First Flight.”
    • “Enterprise NX-01” patch on left upper sleeve, as seen on Enterprise jumpsuits.
  • Also included, Starfleet Mission Control security identification replica. Can be removed from the Flight Jacket zipper pull and worn separately.

Sizing for the jacket is available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL.

Currently the jacket will cost $215.00 and is already in the third batch of 80 jackets available, so act now if you would like to purchase one.

Visit Anovos for more information and to pre-order the jacket

Source Anovos