Star Trek Continues is a new web-series based on the original 5-year mission.
Plot Summary
In association with Farragut Films and Dracogen Investments, Vic Mignogna (a Farragut Films principal), is set to direct this new web series based on the original (and still the best) Star Trek series.
The premise of the series is based on the original 5-year voyage. The original series ended three years into the journey. Vic and his team are starting this new series right where the original left off.
This new series is being brought to you in partnership with Farragut Films and DracoGen Investments – creators of the award-winning web series, Starship Farragut. The series is being shot in the original 4:3 format to keep the authenticity of the framing of the original series. It is very important to us that we provide a quality show and ancillary products, such as our website. Website development is provided in association with – Source Star Trek Continues
The cast:

  • Vic Mignogna – Captain James T. Kirk
  • Todd Haberkorn – Mr Spock
  • Larry Nemecek – Dr. Leonard McCoy
  • Christopher Doohan – Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott
  • Grant Imahara – Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
  • Kim Stinger – Lieutenant Nyota Uhura
  • Wyatt Lenhart – Ensign Pavel Chekov

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The first episode of Star Trek Continues is available to watch now:

They plan to premiere episode 2 “Lolani,” at Dallas Comicon/Sci-Fi Expo Feb. 8-9, 2014.
Here are three short episodes
Turnabout Intruder:
This vignette expands the ending of the final episode of the original series, “Turnabout Intruder”, as it leads into the 4th year of the 5-year mission.
Click here to watch

You’ve Got The Conn:
Volunteering for Night Shift leads to fun for three crewmen who are interrupted by an unexpected Captain Kirk.
Click here to watch

Happy Birthday, Scotty:
When the Enterprise receives a delivery from Starfleet, Scotty introduces some new technology to Kirk and McCoy.
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