Hal Sutherland was an animator who began his career as a Disney animator in 1954 working on Sleeping Beauty and gained recognition in the late 1960s as a director of animated productions at Filmation.
He was one of the company’s three co-founders, Lou Scheimer and Norm Prescott. He directed 16 episodes of TAS Season 1 of Star Trek: The Animated Series in 1973 and Flash Gordon in 1979.
Sutherland also directed some of Filmation’s memorable superhero cartoons which included:

  • The Batman/Superman Hour
  • Aquaman
  • The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure

Hal Sutherland went into semi-retirement in 1974, moving to Washington state to focus on fine-art painting. He later directed the television series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Sutherland’s last project was Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night.
The news of Hal Sutherland’s passing was reported on the Filmation Facebook page.