Here is a collection of Star Trek calendars to purchase for 2013.

Star Trek 2013 CalendarStar Trek Calendar 2013

Go where no man has been before with this retro Star Trek calendar which features your favourite crew members from the classic 1960s sci fi series. Join Captain James T Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest of the team as you venture through the galaxies on the starship Enterprise in search of new life and new civilisations. Each month features a hexagonal styled captain’s log with important star dates at the bottom and a large retro style image at the top of the page, perfect for fans of the original and best star Trek.

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Star Trek Ships 2013 CalendarStar Trek Ships 2013 Calendar

Come aboard the Starship Enterprise as you journey through time and space to discover some of the iconic ships from Star Trek. This side opening calendar features a large, full colour image of some of the classic space explorers including the Federation Starbase, USS Kelvin – NCC 0514 and the Romulan mining vessel, Nero Narada as well as many more. With a calendar for January to December, this is the perfect gift for anyone who is a true Trekkie.

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Star Trek TNG Calendar 2013Star Trek: The Next Generation 2013 Official Calendar

Official 2013 Calendar celebrating the 25th anniversary of the legendary TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation featuring all the beloved characters including Cpt Jean-Luc Picard, “Number One” Cmdr. Riker, Lt Cmdr Data, Lt Worf, Deanna Troi, Q, and many others. This calendar also features all public and religious holidays as well as free space to add your own dates and notes. WITH FREE GIANT STAR TREK TNG POSTER.