Creation Entertainment have announced Robert Beltran for their Cherry Hill, Chicago and Boston conventions in 2014. While doing so they also published a press release about Robert’s new project, which Visionary Trek is eager to share to other fans that may not have seen this news yet:

COMMANDER CHAKOTAY RETURNS TO SCI-FI IN RESILIENT-3D. Robert Beltran has confirmed his return to Sci-Fi in the independent feature RESILIENT-3D written, produced & directed by Michael Taverna. Beltran will be joined by fellow Star Trek: Voyager star Virginia Madsen, along with Miguel Sandoval, John Diehl and Ayelet Zurer. The film is slated to begin shooting in Montreal, Canada in March 2014.

 RESILIENT 3D is set in 2052 and while Earth is in her final days, ravaged by natural disasters, a theoretical physicist (Beltran) works against time to move the human race to Europa, Jupiter’s moon. “I look forward to playing a man who has his head in the clouds, not just his body,” says Beltran. “RESILIENT 3D is fundamentally a story about loving the planet and loving life. Those who enjoyed Star Trek: Voyager will find themselves once again engaged.”

 “It is hard to raise funding for a film and not compromise on cast and story.” says filmmaker Michael Taverna. “RESILIENT 3D is not a Hollywood package but a work of love, attracting really good people. Robert & I started together and we’ll get it done together.”

 RESILIENT 3D will be shot in full 4K stereoscopic 3-D on sound stages and has over 170 visual effects. The Film will be ready for release in late 2014. Follow us on Facebook at


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Thanks to Creation for this news!