Reviews by Lt. Eric Cone – Star Trek: Flesh and Stone

Hello Trekkies! Today, I'm going to review IDW's Star Trek Special: FLESH AND STONE. Published by: IDW, in-partnership with Qualcomm Tricorder XPrise Written by: Scott and David Tipton (consulting by Rob Hollander and David Zweig). Cover and interior art by: The Sharp...

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Reviews by Lt. Eric Cone – The Primate Directive #2

Hello Trekkies! (SPOILER ALERT!!) Woke up this morning and found that the world has gone ape! That is, I received the second issue of the Star Trek/The Planet of the Apes crossover: The Primate Directive. IDW has been batting a thousand, what with Harlan Ellison's The...

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Reviews by Lt. Eric Cone – The Collectors

Hello Trekkies! After a few delays (and some, ahem...encouragement, from Michael Clark), I was able to finish Christopher L. Bennett's Star Trek: The Collectors, the latest eBook, and - the next installment of the Department of Temporal Investigations series. I don't...

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Reviews by Lt. Eric Cone – The Q Gambit: The Conclusion

Hello Trekkies! (SPOILER ALERT!!) Today, we've come to the exciting final chapter in The Q Gambit. This series has been phenomenal, and its conclusion doesn't disappoint, as we finally find out what Q has been up to. Sarah Gaydos and Mike Johnson have produced/written...

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Reviews by Lt. Eric Cone – Star Trek – THE MISSING

Hello Trekkies! Today, (3rd January) marks the 22nd anniversary of DEEP SPACE NINE's debut on TV, (and, in doing so, entering the lives of stalwart 'Niner's hearts, forever). It's no secret, that I've been a staunch supporter of this brilliant Star Trek series, from...

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