Star Trek: The Primate Directive #3

Published by: IDW Publishing in participation with BOOM! Studios

Covers by: Rachael Stott and Charlie Kirchoff | Sub Cover by: Kevin Wada

Written by: Scott and David Tipton

Art by: Rachael Stott

Colors by: Charlie Kirchoff

Letters by: Tom B. Long

Essay by: Dana Gould

Edited by: Sarah Gaydos (IDW) and Dafna Pleban (BOOM!)

OVERVIEW: With George Taylor on the loose aboard the Enterprise, Kirk and Spock must find him and make him see reason before Kor does more damage on the planet. But, is it too late – on both fronts?

THE STORY: The Tiptons provide a lot of good information; the situation as it stands on the Ape’s planet, how the tides are shifting amongst the different echelons of their society and how Kor intends to ramp-up the stakes to gain their favor.

Also, we see Taylor in a different light. We’re given glimpses into why he’s driven to such lengths, while they remind the readers of who he was, before he landed on this God forsaken world.

And, although we don’t see a lot from the crew here, there’s plenty of good action and dialogue from Kirk and Spock – even a bit of that dry humor, from the latter. We’re treated to a good round of ‘Kirk-Fu’, too! Hell, yeah!

THE ART: The more I see, the more I like! Rachael and Charlie just keep getting better with each issue. I’m not going to spoil it, but there is a terrific full-page scene when Taylor is on the run (aboard Enterprise), that just made me say: “Ohh, wow!” It’s totally cool, and maybe, a first? I’ve never seen a panel like it, before.

The coloring is great, the details are fantastic and the likenesses are getting better and better. The action sequences are amazing. Plus, there are small details, like the way Spock holds his hand under his chin in contemplation, Bones smirking, the hair on Taylor’s arms, or – Kor being smug and diabolical. 

And, Tom Long does a great job of moving the story, as well, while doing his best to keep it uncluttered. Great job, all the way around.

THE COVERS: There are three to choose from, this week. First, the Stott/Kirchoff cover, with Kirk and Taylor in a smackdown on the bridge. Second, is the Wada cover. This is a unique cover with some interesting art. I wasn’t too impressed – at first. However, I’m growing fond of his style. It’s a wall-hanger… Third, the RI cover features a Gold Key motif, with Bones and Zaius’s pictures.

OVERALL: This is a great issue! The intrigue is building up, the art department has improved a great deal and I loved the Kirk/Taylor confrontation. Plus, Kor gets things rolling for issue 4, next month. This Planet of the Apes rocks!

‘Til, next time, see ya ‘out there…’

Lt. Eric Cone