Hey Visionary Trekkies!
Well, I’ve been caught up in the churning of life and I’ve fallen behind on my reviews. Time to catch up and get the lead out. (Please forgive me, as I STOPPED SMOKING; and I’ve had to distance myself from things that strengthen those pesky cravings. Writing is one of those things I used to do, whenever I chain-smoked. Now, I write… I’m on my 18th #SmokeFree day. IDW has really given us a treat with this gender-switching tale. I loved it and – we may see more of the adventures of Captain Jane Tiberia Kirk in the future. In my book, Parallel Lives is a new twist on Mirror, Mirror; only – instead of evil Kirk and crew, we have the crew being switched-out with female characters in the place of males and, vice-versa. When we left off in Part 1, the captains were facing-off on their view-screens in a what appears to be one-helluva quantum storm; it’s also, where we pick up, as well.

After realizing their unique situations, the captains decide to meet up; Capt. James Tiberius Kirk takes a shuttle over to his female double’s Enterprise and they begin analyzing the circumstances that brought then together. There is some fascinating interplay between these characters, as we learn that Spock and Uhuro (much to Uhura’s chagrin) are having their own relationship, the Scotty’s are quite enamored of each other and even the Chekov’s are feeling some craziness for one another.

Comparing notes, the crews decide upon a plan of action to set them back into their own timeframes. Our Kirk’s crew is geading back to the Enterprise, when more crews begin materializing; claiming their rightful place in the scheme of things. Think of the TNG episode ‘Parallels’ here: you’ve got Klingons crewing the ship, the Mirror Universe Kirk pops in, and – yes, even an appearance by Geordi himself. At the end of the day, all turns out as it should, with everyone back in their own realities.

We’re left with Jane Kirk trading banter with McCoy and Spock over their gender-warped adventure, preparing to embark on their own 5-year mission; the adventures, she says, “Are infinite.”

Yes, I’ve got a feeling this isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing Capt. Jane Tiberia Kirk and crew, and…I’m ok with that. These guys did a great job; the artwork was consistently good, the writing was spot-on, with lots of humor on both sides, there were good action scenes, and I thought it gave us a fresh twist on some old characters. I give it 5 stars.

Next up: ‘I, Enterprise’ in these ongoing adventures.

‘Til, then…I’ll see ya ‘out there.’

Lt. Eric Cone