Star Trek: Eurydice #2
Published by: 
IDW Publishing
Written by: Mike Johnson
Art by: Tony Shasteen
Colours by: David Mastrolonardo
Letters by: Neil Uyetake
Cover by: Joe Corroney and Brian Miller
Edits by: Sarah Gaydos
Release Date: 4/15/2015

Overview: The Enterprise’s ‘5-year mission’ hasn’t gotten off to a good start. After encountering the star killer Behemoth, (and making a narrow escape), the ship is without warp capability in the Delta Quadrant. Limping on impulse engines to the nearest inhabited system, Kirk and crew are offered assistance by a lone good samaritan: Eurydice. But what price will Captain Kirk have to pay, to protect his crew and get his ship back home?

The Story: So far, so good – (maybe, not so much for Kirk and his crew); but, this was a terrific bridge issue, that leads us into the conclusion in #45. Kirk should have trusted his gut instinct when it came to trusting Eurydice’s offer of aid, now the cards are dealt and we’ll have to wait and see how Captain Kirk plays his hand. And, while I found Eurydice’s actions to be predictable, and the story to be a rehash of countless Trek’s we’ve seen before, Mike Johnson has managed to put a fresh spin on this adventure, keeping me interested and anticipating how it will all turn out.

With that said, I find that I like Eurydice – despite whatever hidden agendas she may have, I think she truly cares for Kirk and at the close of this issue, I can feel that she is torn by her actions. My gut instincts are telling me that Eurydice may grow a conscience and somehow save the day…but, we shall see.

There are some great aspects to this story; for one, the crew is gelling with Captain Kirk, even as he is still trying to find his rhythm. In the last issue, he lets the crew know that the stakes are high in reaching their destination, but he has faith that they can do their jobs and reach their goal. By reluctantly accepting Eurydice’s help, Kirk shows that he will do whatever it takes to protect his crew and get them home.

I liked the use of alien technology that Euridice employs, to not only tow the Enterprise but also, to whisk Kirk away from his ship in order to seduce him. There’s great panel with Uhura and Spock on the bridge during this scene that made me chuckle, as well.

But, I really liked the alien asteroid that Eurydice takes them to and the lesson on Federation economics that Mike Johnson gives the reader, as events progress towards the cliffhanger ending; the aliens are pretty impressive, as well. As I said, Johnson keeps us moving along, while weaving together an enjoyable adventure. I’m really looking forward to next month’s conclusion.

The Art: It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find adjectives, that convey how impressed I am with Tony Shasteen’s work. Whether it’s he alone, or with the ever-capable colouring talents of David Mastrolonardo, Tony just nails it. His details are plentiful, his likenesses are uncanny and his panels just pop, from page to page.

In this issue, in particular, I was blown away by Eurydice’s transporter technology and by the alien market and cityscapes on the asteroid where they end up. And if it’s possible, Eurydice is even more exotically beautiful, than she was in the last issue. Plus, the range of emotions playing on her face, that she’s grappling with at the end, just speaks volumes to the talents these guys put into their work. My hat’s off to both of them. Well done!

The Cover: Joe Corroney and Brian Miller have, once again, exceeded my expectations. As with Tony Shasteen and David Mastrolonardo, Corroney and Miller have produced a cover that is both beautiful and vibrant; it catches the eye and entices you to read the story within. My only problem with this cover was that it features a slightly larger rendering of Bones at the top, but the good doctor is nowhere to be found inside! However, as long as Joe and Brian continue to create this kind of quality, they’ll keep earning my loyalty and respect. This cover is a definite wall-hanger – in my opinion.

Overall: I’m thoroughly enjoying this story and it’s a great start to this ‘5-year mission’ ongoing series; I can’t wait to read the finale in this arc, and to see how it leads up to the 50th-anniversary movie that’s being scripted, right now. As for the cover and interior art, it’s sensational! I couldn’t be more pleased. My rating for this series, thus far: 4 Stars.

‘Til, next time, see ya ‘out there…’

Lt. Eric Cone

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