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IDW released a new story this week by Mike Johnson, art by Joe Corroney and team, and after ‘I, Enterprise’ I was really looking forward to this; as Joe had hinted at it at Salt Lake Comic Con in April. I love Joe’s work, whether it be Star Trek or Star Wars, and he was kind enough to sign a few of my favourite covers when I stopped by his booth.

‘Lost Apollo’ has a beautiful cover, focusing on Spock, with some fantastic colouring. It starts out in Cocoa Beach, Florida (close to my stomping-grounds, as a kid), in 1970, and, at first, I thought I was seeing Major Tony Nelson (which would be a great homage to I Dream of Jeannie and the late Larry Hagman; as that classic show’s locale was Cocoa Beach), but it turns out to be an astronaut named Steve; he’s arriving home to his wife and telling her the Apollo program is continuing and he’ll be a part of its future: going where no man has gone before…

Fast-forward 291 years to the U.S.S. Enterprise in orbit of unexplored planet Hinrichs Five. Captain Kirk, having explored this sector and finding nothing of-note, is preparing a landing-party to check out the local fauna; Sulu requests a place on the team and Carol Marcus sides with him, as Kirk is suggesting other science officers for the task. (I get the feeling that Carol has some feel-goods for our helmsman.) Spock doesn’t see the need for a landing-party, but Kirk has his way. He promises Spock he won’t tamper with anything on the surface that might disrupt or alter the planet’s due-course of evolution; leaving Spock in command.

The party transports down to find a beautiful planet, which is teeming with life, meeting our atmospheric requirements, as well, (i.e. Class M), and they are in good spirits. Kirk jokes about taking Mr Kai to a highway dive back in Iowa, (we’re all familiar with that hole, eh..?). Needless-to-say, as they trek through this paradisical locale, the team encounters some very-strange, if-not alien, and fascinating life-forms. (The artwork is brilliant, here; I’m truly impressed. Wow! Great job!) Of course, Zahra is on-her-game, being overly cautious. Mr Kai reports that a metallic reading is coming from a place nearby.

They come to a cave that has a very unpleasant odour emanating from it, and Kirk orders everyone to helmet-up before they enter. They are all watchful, now, as they find a lot of dead aliens inside; the tensions among the team peaks; especially – as they find human-made pre-warp materials, technology and, some human DNA there, also. Then, they find a kid’s drawing with a rocket-ship and NASA on it; the word daddy scrawled upon it, with an arrow pointing at the ship’s single occupant. (Hmmm… I wonder who it could be..?)

Captain Kirk takes no chances, ordering the team to be beamed back to the ship; he wants Spock to see what they’ve got before more science and security are transported down to the surface. They’re about to beam-up when Sulu realizes his tricorder is missing. An alien critter shows up with it in its clutches, so Kirk cancels their transport, to go after it. They’re in-pursuit when they hear a loud roar; that’s also when they realize Sulu is no-longer with them.

Aboard Enterprise, Uhura loses contact with the landing-party. Spock, basing his decision on Kirk’s last transmission, decides to lead another party to investigate, against Uhura’s counsel to send someone else. (We haven’t learned to listen to Nyota’s gut-instincts on these matters, yet? This can’t end well…) Instead, Spock leaves her in command and leads a team to the surface. Finding faint signs from Kirk’s team, they proceed with caution, when Sulu comes running up to them. Enroute to finding the signals, Sulu debriefs Spock on the events thus far. They find Mr Kai and Zahra, unconscious, and… Sweet mother of the gods! What’s got a hold of Kirk and Marcus?! To be continued…

Wow! This is a terrific story! Great character interplay, some badass art, classic ‘five-year mission’ exploration, outstanding pacing and a fantastic cliff-hanger. This IS Star Trek, folks! I don’t care who you are, JJ-hater, or – not, this is #GreatStarTrek. Kudos to Mike Johnson, Joe Corroney, Victor Moya, Rob Doan, John Rauch and Neil Uyetake; with editing by Sarah Gaydos. You’ve truly outdone yourselves and I rated it 5-stars! I just have one question: “Where in the hell is Bones, guys?”

Hey folks, don’t forget to listen to Michael Clark and Bunny Davis on The Holodeck Podcast, for some great entertainment, as they review your favourite comics; plus – check out the other great stuff Visionary Trek has to offer.

Don’t forget, that IDW will be releasing Harlan Ellison’s ‘City on the Edge of Forever’ at the end of this month; the Tipton brothers and JK Woodward are going to bring us a real treat, as they tell this ‘classic’ episode the way Harlan meant for it to be seen 48 yrs ago. I can’t wait. How ’bout you?

‘Til-then, see ya, ‘out there’…

Lt. Eric Cone

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