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I’m convalescing, today; my back is in serious distress, so I’m lying on the couch with my heating pad, drinking wine, trying to endure the pain, and…catching-up on comics! What’s a guy to do, eh? Besides, it’s cold (and snowing), here, in Utah; plus-the whole-state (it seems) is on lockdown after a bank robbery and a couple of deputies were shot. (Details are still sketchy…) I figured, my best-bet, was to see what all of this Jane Kirk stuff was about.

Yes. I said Jane Kirk, as in, Captain Jane Tiberia Kirk. This is IDW’s latest-issue in the ongoing series and it’s not bad; just…kinda crazy. Think ‘Mirror Universe’ with a significant twist! All of the sexes have switched. All of the events leading up to Part 1′s ending have been the same, except…Khan was a woman! Jane Kirk’s mother was the captain of the Kelvin’s, whom sacrifices herself to save the Kelvin’s crew! It’s crazy! But, yeah…I like it!

It all comes about, when Captain James T. Kirk, Spock and Janice Rand are beaming-up to the Enterprise, after, nearly-exposing themselves to a pre-industrial civilization they’ve been studying, at the beginning of their five-year mission. On the ship, it’s Captain Jane Kirk, Lt. Cmdr. Spock and Yeoman Jason Rand beaming-up from the planet, (which, reminds me of Canyonlands National Park, here, in Utah).

The story stays with Jane Kirk’s Enterprise throughout, as we meet Lt. Nnamdi Uhuro (in a relationship with Spock, here, too), Chief Engineer Marjorie ‘Scotty’ Scott, Lt. Pavlovna Chekov, Lt. Hikiri Sulu, CMO Lea ‘Bones’ McCoy and Carl Marcus. There’s some good moments and lots of humour (especially, from Bones). We learn that Jane Kirk is the youngest captain and that she isn’t exactly trusted, yet, either. Indeed, she blows her stack, when Starfleet orders her to return to Federation Space to investigate an anomaly in the Campor System.

However, they turn the ship around and hightail-it back, finding what looks like a quantum storm. Meanwhile, there are strange occurrences happening; little-things, like the colour of the sheets in sickbay changing, or systems no-longer working the same (if they even exist, anymore). But, it’s all tied-in to this ‘temporal entanglement’; a knot, if you will, where all of the parallel realities are snarled-together.

Captain Kirk takes the Enterprise into the storm, to try to stabilize the ship; as, it’s being tossed-about and shaking all over the place. When they emerge from the other side, they’re confronted by another ship… Well, guess who it is? It’s our Kirk (James T.), with Spock and Leonard McCoy, at his side. But, that’s where Part 1 leaves us, as well.

You know, the more I review it, the more I like it. It’s a unique take on an old ‘classic’, ya know. What I like, is it’s not an evil empire. It’s not hard to imagine this reality being real, either. I say: “Well done, guys!” I can’t wait to see how this concludes.

I really liked the beginning, though, too. Captain Jim Kirk and Spock, in uncharted-space on this alien planet, altered, to look like its indigenous creatures, while-arguing the finer-points of the Prime Directive, (which, Kirk hasn’t broken, but, he did bend it, a-bit); it’s funny to see. Seems he’s still got some learnin’ to do. (Where’s Pike’s ghost, to remind him of his actions on Nibiru..?)

So, I’m giving this one four stars. The artwork is terrific! Yasmin Liang did a fantastic job on this issue; along with colouring by Zac Atkinson, they really brought the alternate-reality crew to life. The colours and backgrounds, the uniforms and likenesses, wow…they are to be commended, here.

That’s it, folks. I’m going to soak this back, so I can try to go to work tomorrow. Hope you enjoy this one.

Until, next time, see ya…
…out there.

Lt. Eric Cone

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