Star Trek / Green Lantern: The Spectrum War #6 (Part six of six)GL6 - 00001-page-001
Published by: IDW Publishing
Writer: Mike Johnson
Artist: Angel Hernandez
Colourist: Alejandro Sanchez
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Covers by: Stephen Mooney (colours by Tamra Bonvillain), Catt Staggs and Gary Brown (Colours by Doug Garbark).
Edited by: Sarah Gaydos for IDW and Jim Chadwick for DC Comics.

Release Date: 09/12/2015

Warning:  this review contains spoilers!

PREVIOUSLY  IN  STAR  TREK… The universe is at threat from Nekron who has resurrected the destroyed planet of Vulcan and its inhabitants. With this undead army he begins his march of death across the stars. Only the crew of the starship Enterprise and the last remaining members of the Lantern Corps stand in his way….

The story concludes as we discover the fate of the crew of the Enterprise, the Lantern corps and wonder what the future will brings for our heroes….

The Story
The final issue of the series continues to move along at warp speed as Mike Johnson concludes the story and all the plot threads that have been running over the six issues. The issue begins with Spock coming to terms with his home planet ‘living’ again and the appearance of his mother. This was handled well as Spock has to temper his human half and take the emotion out of seeing his mother again.

Again in this issue we see a very Star Trek approach to the undead Vulcans when Kirk asks if they can be saved but there’s no return or hope for the planet or its people. Spock is an important part of the story in this issue and considering only a few issues ago there was an obvious lack of Spock this makes up for it in spades. While the solution to defeating Nekron lies with the power rings worn by the Lanterns its Spock who holds the key and it’s a clever approach to wrapping up the storyline. I also enjoyed how it was Kirk who figures out the final solution and how he knows Spock and the key to defeating Nekron can come from emotions. This same solution also allows all the plot threads between the Klingons, Gorns and Romulans to be tied up without taking anything away from what is happening on Vulcan.

The overall ending of the series was a surprise. With such crossovers there is normally some type of reset where both universes either have no knowledge of their encounter or only a select few who must keep the secret of what has happened. In this case Johnson has changed the rules and opened the door to some fascinating adventures in the future.

The Art
The art by Angel Hernandez for the final issue was just as good as the first issue of the series. There’s been a remarkable level of consistency in the series and within this final issue Hernandez has had the opportunity to draw some very dramatic scenes.

The panels / pages that stood out were the battle scenes with the undead Vulcans and Nekron, the drawings of the rings merging around Spock and the Life Entity which were all drawn wonderfully. The last page of the story where the Enterprise and Hal Jordan fly off to explore strange new worlds was also a highlight of the issue.

Looking at the series as a whole the art by Hernandez has been exceptional. Considering this has been his first time working on Star Trek every aspect of his art has stood out. From character likenesses to starship details (internal and external) to the various Lanterns and the undead, each page has been drawn with energy and it shows. I am looking forward to seeing if Hernandez will work on Star Trek again in the future. The colours by Sanchez have really enhanced the overall look of the series and with Hernandez they make a great team.

The Covers
This issue has three covers. The standard cover is by Stephen Mooney with variants by Catt Staggs (Subscription Cover A) and Garry Brown (Subscription Cover B).  The standard cover is of the main characters including Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Hal Jordan, Chang and Nekron. Subscription Cover A is almost in the style of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture movie posters with Kirk, Spock and Hal Jordan in the forefront with some of the ring-bearers in the background. Subscription Cover B has Hal Jordan and Kirk surrounded by hordes of the undead Vulcans.

The likenesses of the Enterprise crew on the standard cover were really good apart from Kirk, the likeness of Quinto and Urban were spot on. The use of the spectrum colours really made this cover stand out. The cover by Catt Stagg was a personal favourite of mine; the likenesses of Pine and Quinto were perfect. I liked the homage to the Motion Picture posters. The subscription cover again was disappointing and while this cover was relevant to the story, I felt that it didn’t have that ‘epic’ feel that a concluding issue deserved.

Looking at the series as a whole there has been such diverse range of covers. There have been some stunning covers by Rachael Stott, J.K Woodward, Catt Staggs, Joe Corroney, Tony Shasteen, Angel Hernandez, and Francesco Francavilla while others have left a lot to be desired however, there has always been covers to suit all readers’ taste in art / style and they will all look amazing in a collected edition at some point in the future.

Mike Johnson has managed to wrap everything up within one issue while leaving the door open for more adventures between the crew of the Enterprise and the Lantern Corps. There are no unresolved plot threads within the story which leaves you satisfied but at the same time leaves you wanting more.

During the course of the six issues Johnson has balanced so many characters and plot threads while telling the story at a frantic pace. He has a great talent for telling a story but when given the opportunity to tell the story over six issues like the Q-Gambit he excels.  There has been so much positive feedback for “The Spectrum War” and while I may have struggled with the series, I am optimistic that any future stories will be more Star Trek focused and a great read.