Star Trek / Green Lantern: The Spectrum War #4 (Part four of six)STGL4 - 00001-page-001
Published by: IDW Publishing
Writer: Mike Johnson
Artist: Angel Hernandez
Colourist: Alejandro Sanchez
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Covers by: Marc Laming (colours by Lara Margarida), J.K Woodward and Gary Brown (Colours by Doug Garbark).
Edited by: Sarah Gaydos for IDW and Jim Chadwick for DC Comics.

Release Date: 14/10/2015

Warning:  this review contains spoilers!

“PREVIOUSLY  IN  STAR  TREK… On  a  remote  dead  world,  the  crew  of  the Enterprise discovers  the  skeleton  of  a visitor  from  another  universe  –  Ganthet, last  of  the  Guardians  of  Oa  –  and  six  inert Power  Rings.  Montgomery  Scott activates  the  rings  inside  a  tachyon  field, causing  the  rings  to  escape  and  choose new  bearers… Green Lantern Hal Jordan has joined forces with Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise to battle the Klingon General Chang, who now possesses a Yellow Power Ring however, things have escalated when Sapphire arrives and explains that Nekron who has already destroyed one universe still poses a threat to the entire galaxy…..”

The story continues as we discover the threat Nekron poses to every universe, while the Klingons, Romulans and Gorn – all under the influence of the power rings –  begin their plans to conquer the Alpha Quadrant with Kirk, Jordan and the Enterprise right in the middle of things. Meanwhile at the former location of the Planet Vulcan, something or someone begins to rise from the dust…STGL4 1

The Story

The story is past the half way mark and while you may think the plot would move along at a faster pace with only two issues remaining, it was surprising to see that even more characters were introduced (Sapphire, Saint Walker) and there was more back story covered, in this case that of Nekron. With so many plot threads and characters in this story it does feel like Mike Johnson is putting together a large jigsaw puzzle and at the end there will be a collective cheer as he manages to make it all work.

This issue was very “Lantern” centric as was issue three, with the story telling us about power batteries, how Nekron was defeated once before, Sinestro leading the Klingons into battle and the events occurring on Vulcan. The crew of the Enterprise feel like “extras” in their own story and again, I have to hope that the final two issues will allow them to shine and make an impact in this story. Because otherwise, can this really be called a crossover with the Star Trek team playing what may be considered a minor role.STGL4 2

The interactions between Uhura and Sapphire were amusing as Sapphire wasn’t very subtle in expressing how handsome Spock was and the comparisons between Kirk and Hal Jordan continue as we find that the two are perhaps not as different as they thought they were.  It was good to see that Nekron learned from his mistakes and the same solution wouldn’t be used to defeat him.

The Art
The art by Angel Hernandez continues to be consistent and throughout the four issues the details, character likenesses and the use of full pages have been drawn to a very high standard. Not only does Hernandez have to contend with Star Trek fans that will pick up on all the likenesses and ship drawings, he also has to contend with fans of Green Lantern and the likenesses of the various heroes and villains from that series.

The panels / pages that stood out were the battle of Starbase 12 with the Red Lantern Gorn, the enlarged Enterprise enveloped by Hal Jordan and the last page with the undead Vulcans coming out of the ground on the once dead planet. Sinestro certainly made an impact in this issue and his arrival with Chang and the Klingon fleet was really drawn well and his attack on the minds of the crew of the Enterprise. These were pivotal moments within the story and were a highlight of the issue.

STGL4 3Hernandez and Sanchez continue to work well together with the art and colour balancing well to enhance the tone and drama of the story.

The Covers
This issue has three covers. The standard cover is by Marc Laming with variants by J.K Woodward (Cover B) and Garry Brown (Subscription Cover).  The covers have been a mixed bag during the course of the series and that continues in issue four. The main cover is very different to the bright and colourful ones we have seen in the past three issues. This one is very dark, too dark for my tastes but does remind me of some classic superhero comics with the heroes being overshadowed by the “big bad”. The subscription cover by Garry Brown (recurring cover artist) was disappointing only because I have concluded that the art style is not to my taste. J.K Woodward‘s cover looks like a cross between the film posters of “The Undiscovered Country” and “First Contact”. Out of the three covers this was my personal favourite with the likenesses of Pine and Quinto spot on and the use of colours were well done.

The story continues to move along at a steady pace but with only two issues to go I am looking forward to seeing how the story will conclude with so many story threads in play.