Star Trek fan, Huston Huddleston plans to rebuild and restore a bridge set of the USS Enterprise-D, that Paramount used for display after the original was destroyed in the film Star Trek Generations.

“In late 2011, we rescued this ENTIRE STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION ENTERPRISE D BRIDGE from BEING DESTROYED! It was made more durably than the Original TV Set, with Fiberglas instead of wood, and though it survived, it was in poor condition, and had been long forgotten about.”

Enterprise D BridgeHe is currently in the process of fundraising for the restoration on KickStarter. So far, more than $16,630 has been raised out of $20,000 needed to help restore and create the fully interactive simulator. It will be available for display, parties, movie showings, fundraising, charities, fan films, as well as newly created interactive education missions so entire classrooms of students can steer the Enterprise to other planets, galaxies and more!

Donations are needed to make it a reality. To back the project visit the KickStarter website for more info and Make It So!