Clifford BoleProlific Star Trek director Cliff Bole passed away on February 15 at his home in Palm Desert, CA. Bole was 76 years old.

Cliff Bole directed 42 episodes of Star Trek, which included 25 episodes of The Next Generation, 7 episodes of Deep Space Nine and 10 episodes of Voyager. The Bolian race was named after him as a tribute from the show’s producers and writers. He directed the first episode in which they were featured, TNG: “Conspiracy”. Even later in the DS9 episode “Invasive Procedures” his name featured as a tourist destination on the Bolian homeworld: “Cliffs of Bole”.

“When (the Bolians) first happened I thought someone was pulling my leg, maybe (Rick) Berman or someone else,” Bole told “Then it became an item. I was proud of it. To hear your name constructed into the name of an alien race, I thought it was great — and I still do. It comes up all the time. People ask me about it all the time. I’m amazed that people still follow the show enough to ask about it.”

Bolian_security_officerBole also directed The Six Million Dollar Man, Baywatch, MacGyver, The X-Files, Millennium, Charlie’s Angels, Supertrain, V, Vegas, Fantasy Island, T.J. Hooker, Supernatural, Profiler, The Fall Guy, The Amazing Spider-Man and more.

According to his obituary in The Desert Sun, Bole is survived by his wife, Brenda; his daughter, Stacey Bole Harrison of Granite Bay, Calif.; his son, Curtis Robert Bole of Santa Monica, Calif.; and two grandsons, Connor and Cole. In accordance with his wishes, Bole’s ashes will be scattered at sea. The family suggests that friends wishing to honor his memory contribute to a cancer research organization of their choice or visit his star in Palm Springs. A celebration of life will be held later in the year.

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