Red Shirts is a loose parody web series of Star Trek created by writer/director R. Benjamin Warren and writer/director/comedian Ryan Gowland. For those not familiar with the original Star Trek series, a “Red Shirt” is one of the many, unlucky, nameless crewmen who would join Kirk, Spock, and Bones on an away mission to newly discovered planet and, typically, not make it back.
Ensigns Monroe, Garibaldi and Barry are the Red Shirts,  as they work and live aboard a space ship and their adventures as they travel to distant planets, fight through boredom, fall in love and, most of all, find a way to survive.
Now, you might think Red Shirts is their chance to make these guys the heroes, but that is not our intention. They are not heroes; in fact, they like to think of their versions as “idiots in space” — to give you an idea of their direction. And while their show does not take place in the Star Trek universe, they were very careful to pay homage to the aesthetics of the original series through the uniforms, the sets and the props.
The team are currently in the process of fundraising for the rest of the episodes and have a page set up here
The video explains more and introduce the characters involved.

Here is the teaser trailer to Red Shirts

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