The Trek Collective has set up a petition to get the USS Titan in Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection.

This is a petition to get the Luna class USS Titan, as depicted in the Star Trek: Titan book series, included in the Star Trek magazine and model collection, Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection.
In a recent interview with The Trek Collective, The Official Starships Collection’s manager, Ben Robinson stated:
“if more than 5,000 people sign up solemnly promising to buy a Titan or an Enterprise-F, we’ll almost certainly do it. If anyone wants to make that happen then feel free – it’s a serious offer. But, whatever you do, don’t email me! I’m not going to count 5,000 emails.”
UPDATE: Ben has confirmed this is a serious offer, 5000 is the the number he would need to make a model as a special issue, separate from the main run. He needs email addresses so he can follow-up on the solemn promises we’re making here, so do make sure to include yours when signing the petition.
The Titan is a canon ship, established as Captain Riker’s command in the movie Star Trek Nemesis. The design however has only appeared in non-canon works.
That Titan was created by Sean Tourangeau, for Pocket Books’ design contest in 2005, and has since appeared on book covers, in the Star Trek Magazine, comics, the Ships of the Line calendar, video games, and even been made into a large model for touring Star Trek exhibitions – Read more about the history of the Titan design, here.
The Titan is a well established and important part of Star Trek history, and a great starship design which would make a wonderful model. So if you “solemnly promise to buy a Titan”, please add your name here, and spread the word to other Titan fans!

If your a fan of the Titan series of books and would like to see it as a model, click here to visit the petition page
Source The Trek Collective

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