Cubify 3DMe Star TrekStar Trek fans can now become part of the iconic series with Star Trek 3DMe. With just 2 simple photos and your unique Star Trek figurine is custom made for you. Cubify launched by 3D Systems, fans can create customized, full-color 3D printed products and collectibles based on Star Trek characters. The first product available is a 3D printed figurine that measures 5.5” tall and lets you pick from TOS-era costumes, ranks (ensign through captain) and poses, plus you can select whether you’ll be a human or Vulcan, male or female, etc. You can also customize with a message under the base.

The Star Trek figurines are 3D printed on the 3D Systems Projet 660Pro, with a ceramic-like feel. The cost of each Star Trek figurine is $69.99. Visit the site to create and buy your own unique Star Trek figurine.