The-Red-Shirt-Diaries-Amok-Time-LogoOut today is the twentieth and final episode of season 2 of The Red Shirt Diaries, by creators Ashley Victoria Robinson and Jason Inman.

This weeks episode is based on the classic TOS episode “Amok Time”.

Suffering through his first infliction of pon farr, the Vulcan biological mating urge, Spock must return to Vulcan to marry his betrothed or he will die. However, when the Enterprise arrives at Vulcan, complications at the ceremony may endanger Captain Kirk as well


“Lieutenant Williams moves out of her quarters and we meet a new red shirt.”


  • Lieutenant Williams – Ashley Victoria Robinson
  • Uhura – Carshenah Jefferson
  • Capt. Kirk, Lt. Fixit, Gertrude – Jason Inman
  • Scotty (voice) – John Rocha
  • Ensign Jordan – Jordan Keeble

Look out tomorrow for the behind-the-scenes video of The Red Shirt Diaries season 2

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