The-Red-Shirt-Diaries-Where-No-Man-Has-Gone-Before-TitleOut today is the third episode of The Red Shirt Diaries by creators Ashley Victoria Robinson and Jason Inman.

This weeks episode is based on the classic TOS episode ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’

“An encounter at the limits of our galaxy begins to change Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell and threatens the future of the Enterprise and the Human race itself.”

This was the second pilot made, but the first ever episode of Star Trek to air on TV.


“Ensign Williams has a space crush. Travel back in time and see Williams’ missing log from her very first day on the Enterprise!”

How does Ensign Williams survive her encounter with Gary Mitchell? Find out in episode 3.

TBrownTribblehis week The Red Shirt Diaries will also be giving away a prize. All you need to do is share a link of Episode 3 ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’ on social media and use #TheRedShirtDiaries hashtag!. This automatically enters you into the prize giveaway to win your very own tribble!

The winner will be chosen by a random and announced on Monday, September 22nd. Good luck!.

Look out tomorrow for page 3 of The Red Shirt Diaries Comic

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