The-Red-Shirt-Diaries-The-City-On-The-Edge-Of-Forever-logoOut today is the eighteenth episode of season 2 of The Red Shirt Diaries, by creators Ashley Victoria Robinson and Jason Inman.

This weeks episode is based on the classic TOS episode “The City on the Edge of Forever”.

After taking an accidental overdose of cordrazine, Doctor Leonard McCoy goes back in time and changes history.


“Ensign Williams gets lost in the ripples of time!”


  • Ensign Williams – Ashley Victoria Robinson
  • Crewman Smith – Tiffany Smith
  • Capt. Mantz – Scott Mantz
  • Doctor McCoy (Voice) – Larry Nemecek
  • Viking – Gene Shaw
  • Capt. Kirk (voice) & Riker – Jason Inman

Look out tomorrow for the behind-the-scenes video of The Red Shirt Diaries season 2

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