The Red Shirt Diaries  Charlie XOut today is the second episode of The Red Shirt Diaries by creators Ashley Victoria Robinson and Jason Inman. The first episode was released on 1st September. Visionary Trek were lucky enough to interview Ashley last week. The interview can be found here

The Red Shirt Diaries parody web series introduces Ensign Williams, a low ranked security officer and follows her through the first 10 episode of Star Trek: the Original Series. Williams soon learns that she may well be the only sane person on board. Violent alien plants, overly-friendly superior officers and the Naked Time plague wide-eyed Engisn Williams as she struggles to follow Starfleet protocol and make it alive to the end of the episode. Ensign Williams tells the stores in the form of her mission logs in a web series that both celebrates and illuminates the weird, wonderful details of Star Trek: the Original Series.


It’s time for the Enterprise physical training test. Will Williams pass or will she get in trouble with a telepathic small boy?

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