The-Red-Shirt-Diaries-The-Menagerie-Part-1The-Red-Shirt-Diaries-The-Menagerie-Part-1Out today is the first episode of season 2 of The Red Shirt Diaries, by creators Ashley Victoria Robinson and Jason Inman.

This weeks episode is based on the classic TOS episode “The Menagerie Part 1”

Spock fakes a message from the Enterprise’s former commander, Christopher Pike, steals the vessel, and sets it on a locked course for the forbidden planet Talos IV.


“Ensign Williams is guarding something for Mr. Spock and it keeps beeping!”


  • Ensign Williams – Ashley Victoria Robinson
  • Mr. Spock – Alex Swickard
  • Mr. Spock Voice – Jason Inman
  • Captain Pike – Chris Bramante
  • Yeoman Rand – Cat Roberts
  • Talosian 1 – Stephen Schleicher
  • Talosian 2 – Jason Inman

Look out tomorrow for the behind-the-scenes video of The Red Shirt Diaries season 2

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