Star_Trek_IDW_ongoing_issue_34Issue #34 of IDW Publishing Star Trek Ongoing comic series is out now. This is the final part of a two part story called Lost Apollo.


Star_Trek_IDW_ongoing_issue_34_angry-birds“Lost Apollo” concludes here! Stranded on an alien world and cut off from the Enterprise, Spock and Bones must work together to save Captain Kirk from a fate worse than death… a fate tied to the earliest days of humanity’s journey to the stars! Overseen by Star Trek writer/producer Roberto Orci, this all-new adventure continues the Five Year Mission between the new movies!

This is written by Mike Johnson and Joe Corroney provides the art and cover for the book.

Here is the subscriber cover by Craig Rousseau that depicts the main characters as Angry Birds.

Available now from iTunesGoogle Play & ComiXology