Help Choose The Enterprise Blu-ray Cover Art

Next year will see the Blu-ray release of Star Trek Enterprise. The team who are creating the box art want your help selecting the cover art for the Season One and Season Two. To vote click the link The Enterprise Blu-ray Project Option #1 features images of the...

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Microsoft closer to Star Trek’s Universal Translator

Microsoft seem to be close to a real life Star Trek Universal Translator. Before science fiction made famous by the crew of the Enterprise and now becoming one step closer to being a reality. At a demonstration by Microsoft chief research officer Rick Rashid at...

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Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season 2 Blu-ray

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Star Trek The Next Generation. The series ran for 7 seasons from 1987 to 1994, with a total of 178 episodes. For the first time ever, you can experience some of the show’s most important and beloved episodes in glorious 1080p...

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Star Trek fan proposes in front of Next Generation cast

A Star Trek fan surprised his girlfriend when he popped the question during a cast photo op at the Austin Wizard World Convention. Wil Wheaton who sitting next the women in question, posted the surprised couple's proposal picture on Reddit. Wil Wheaton gave a detailed...

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