JJ Abrams, Chris Pine, Benedict CumberbatchParamount Japan released this video on 20th  January 2013, of JJ Abrams, Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch when they visited Japan in December 2012 on their YouTube channel. The following has been translated into English from Japaneses from the info box.

“September 2013, producer genius visionary, JJ Abrams to prominence that the world as a director genius is, “Star Trek Into Darkness” blockbuster SF action to open up the future of film history, but landed in Japan finally ! ! 

Enjoying the peace to Earth, the greatest crisis ever came suddenly. It was what brought the evil that was lurking in the quiet internal issue of the enterprise. Burn himself to the fire of revenge, a man who has been turned into a frog and the weapons of mass destruction. Starfleet boasts unrivaled by hand it is immediately forced to the brink of annihilation. In order to save the world from the danger of destruction, the young Captain Kirk plunge into the battle zone to follow the man himself.

Multiplied by the life and death struggle unfolding epic set in space.Bonds with a Friend is torn, love is tested. World in exchange for Kirk, the Enterprise crew, will have to pay and not “sacrifice” is”