New Star Trek Beyond title graphics have appeared on Digital Vortechs social media sites. The company has worked on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Trek 2009, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and many other television productions including Bad Robot productions.

Digital Vortechs, Inc. is a post production technology company based in Los Angeles, CA. We provide rental, consulting and tech support services to the film and television industry. We specialize in both AVID and Final Cut Pro editing systems, while incorporating the latest technology. Our goal is to streamline the post production period from camera to show delivery.

Trekcore believes that the above image will be the graphic used in the film and not new marketing for the next trailer.

You may be asking why our speculation leads us to believe that this frame may be from the actual BEYOND film, and not from the next trailer coming in May: because it seems very unusual that the logo used for the film in marketing is going to change with such a short time left in the promotional window ahead of the movie’s release. The first trailer was put together by entertainment marketing company AV Squad, and our expectation that the same group (or one of a similar nature) will be completing the May 20 trailer.

Additionally, the likelihood that the film’s usage of the STAR TREK BEYOND wordmark is going to be a new design is extremely high. Just looking at the past several Trek films – and most films at large – the in-film title card is quite often different from the text seen in promotional trailers (which tends to remain consistent for brand-awareness purposes).

Sources Digital Vortechs, Trekcore