Destination Star Trek Europe will take place on October 7-9 at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham. Over the 3 days there will be photo shoots, interactive activities, autograph sessions, themed parties and talks.

Here are some more guest announcements for Destination Star Trek Europe.

Connor Trinneer Dominic Keating Garrett Wang Alice Krige Chase_Masterson Gates McFadden

Conner Trinneer, Dominic Keating, Garrett Wang, Alice Krige, Chase Masterson, Gates McFadden

Tickets are available now to buy for the photo shoots for Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

  • Conner Trinneer £15
  • Dominic Keating £15
  • Garrett Wang £15
  • Alice Krige £15
  • Chase Masterson £15
  • Gates McFadden £25

There wll also be a joint photo with Gates McFadden and Wil Wheaton on Saturday and Sunday for £75


Note: Not all guests signing all days. Guests are charging for autographs and photographs. Guests appear subject to work commitments


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Use the hashtag #DSTE

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