IXS Enterprise 1NASA engineer and physicist Dr Harold White has been working on the idea that could allow space travel faster than the speed of light. Mark Rademaker who is working with Dr White, has designed a CGI concept for the warp ship. The ship’s called IXS Enterprise.

“We wanted to have a decent image of a theory conforming Warp ship to motivate young people to pursue a STEM career,” Rademaker said in an e-mail interview. “It does have some Sci-Fi features that might never transfer to a possible final design, unless we really want to.”

alcubierre-warp-drive-overviewUsing something known as an Alcubierre Warp Drive, named after a Mexican theoretical physicist of the same name, he postulated a theory that allowed for faster-than-light but without contradicting Einstein.

His theory was published in 1994 and involved enormous amounts of energy being used to expand and contract space itself – thereby generating a ‘warp bubble’ in which a spacecraft would travel.


IXS Enterprise 2“The rings are most important as they will form the Warp bubble,” Rademaker said in his e-mail. “The way they are designed now will reduce the energy requirement needed to form the bubble. (By quite a large factor.) Also we tried to fill up as much space within the rings, it’s expensive to leave that open or unused.”


IXS Enterprise 5  IXS Enterprise 4  IXS Enterprise 3  IXS Enterprise 6

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