Benedict Cumberbatch Possible Return For Star Trek 3?

Benedict Cumberbatch has admitted the door has been left open for a Star Trek 3 return, joking that JJ Abrams should have killed him off. He told a New York Times interviewer who asked whether his character would return in Star Trek 3. “That was a stupid thing to do,”...

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Out Now: Star Trek Khan, Issue #5

IDW Publishing have just released the fifth and final issue of a five-part miniseries telling the backstory of Khan Noonien Singh before the events of Star Trek Into Darkness, called Star Trek Khan. It’s been written by Mike Johnson, is overseen by Star Trek Into...

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Star Trek Fest 24-Hour Marathon On EPIX

EPIX is a premium entertainment network in the US. On Sunday 16th February, 2014, they will be having a 24-hour Star Trek marathon. Star Trek Fest will start at 6am and will show documentary specials, four original cast Star Trek films and the US television premiere...

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Star Trek The Wrath of Khan Bobble Heads

Bif Bang Pow! have just released their latest line of bobble head products. Star Trek The Wrath of Khan Bobble Heads depicting Kirk, Spock and Khan. All three are priced $14.99 and are available from Entertainment Earth. Product Description: Star Trek The Wrath of...

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Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness Trading Cards

Rittenhouse Archives will bring out sets of trading cards devoted to Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness on February 26. Each set will include 110 cards with scene-by-scene plot synopses and photos from the movies. BONUS SETS INCLUDE: 110-Card SILVER Parallel...

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Roberto Orci Hints at Star Trek 3

In a interview with CraveOnline, Roberto Orci hinted about the possible direction Star Trek 3 might take. When asked if the film will rely on classic Trek stories or stand on its own in the canon: “Little bit of both,” Orci said. “Part of the fun of the freedom that...

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