Mars One will be exhibiting At Destination Star Trek Germany on February 21-23, 2014, at the Messe Frankfurt in Frankfurt, Germany.

Mars One is a not-for-profit foundation that will establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Human settlement on Mars is possible today with existing technologies. Mars One mission plan integrates components that are well tested and readily available from industry leaders worldwide. The first footprint on Mars and lives of the crew thereon will captivate and inspire generations; it is this public interest that will help finance this human mission to Mars.

Mars One will have a stand and backdrop at DSTG where fans can record application videos. Your become part of the Mars One community and receive a voucher code for the next application round of Mars One! There will also be the opportunity at DSTG to speak with Mars One principals about the concept and reality of the project and to offer feedback.

“Mars One will establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Crews of four will depart every two years, starting in 2024. Our first unmanned mission will be launched in 2018.” – Mars One

Visit for more information about the mission and Mars One.

Source Mars One

For more information and to buy tickets for the event click the link Destination Star Trek