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Marina Sirtis 01Marina Sirtis is opening the Caravan And Motorhome Show 2013 – in Manchester on Thursday morning (17th January). SFX Magazine went to interview her and find out the story.

SFX: So Marina… what’s with the caravans? Are you secretly a caravan enthusiast?

Marina Sirtis: “Well, actually I’ve never been in a caravan, but my trailer, when I was doing Star Trek, was basically a caravan, and it was so luxurious. I mean, I lived in New York for a while and I swear, my trailer was bigger and more luxurious than my New York apartment! So I have had experience of living in a mobile home.

“I do remember that when I was a kid, we never went on a caravan holiday but a lot of my friends did. And I was always so jealous, because it seemed like it would be a brilliant thing to do – it just seemed so different and exciting, and much more fun than just going to a bed and breakfast in Margate, or whatever. And I always wanted to have a caravan holiday but never had one, so I kind of fancy seeing what they’re like now.

“Also, my husband and I have been together for 25 years, and we’ve had this running joke for 25 years that he wants to sell up everything and get an RV and live in it, so we could travel around and just go wherever we want. His thing is, ‘Well, if there’s an earthquake, we’ll be fine because we can just drive away!’ Because we did live through a big one in LA, in the early ‘90s, and there was quite a lot of damage to our house. So this is his dream, to live in an RV.

“I have to be honest, my idea of roughing it is having 24-hour room service, so we’re a bit opposite. But he’s so delighted that I’m here, because he thinks I’m going to go to the show and fall in love with the lifestyle, then come back home and say, ‘Oh yes darling, let’s live in an RV!’”

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