Vol. 1 Honors Four Late Star Trek Creators:  “Future Voices, Passed”

There’s still time before the holidays to give the gift of living Star Trek history with “Trekland: On Speaker”,  a new audio CD series of archival interviews with Star Trek creative honchos recorded fresh at the time of their work, produced by Star Trek authority Larry “Dr. Trek” Nemecek.

Volume 1, “Future Voices, Passed,” starts the series with extended comments from four Star Trek luminaries who are no longer alive: writer-producer Michael Piller, producer Bob Justman, actor Marc “Sarek” Lenard, and 1st assistant director and storyteller deluxe Jerry Fleck.

“After years and years and hundreds of hours of interviews sitting on plastic cassette tape in file boxes, I’m thrilled to be finally get them digitized and out for sharing,” said Nemecek.  “This is just the first. Most of these tapes were purely archival — I did season-ending recaps when memories were fresh and not yet wiped by vacation breaks. Not quippy sound bites, but extended conversations. And most have never even been transcribed.”

The initial CD, which debuted in limited numbers at the annual Creation Las Vegas Star Trek convention in August,  includes a tri-fold insert chock-full of liner notes and photos—and can be ordered online at for $21.99, which includes postage and handling for U.S. domestic orders.  U.S. /Canadian orders placed by Monday, Dec. 17 should still be received in time for Christmas. UK/European online order deadline FRIDAY, DEC. 14. PLEASE NOTE: U.K., European and all non-U.S. customers:  please add  foreign shipping in your currency to USD $5.50 equivalent — 3.40 GBP,  or 4.25 EURO, for starters. (Mailed certified checks are also accepted, but may not be received and processed in time for holiday gift-giving. )

With all the attention typically paid to actors, Nemecek notes that the bulk of these conversations are with writers, producers, design heads and other creative and stage staff—“the people who truly made the creative decisions on modern Star Trek,” he says.

“Star Trek and television fans have often never heard from them—especially in their own voice,” he adds. “And none of our relatively new fans will ever have a chance to hear any of these first four voices at a convention. It’s doubly poignant with these first four luminaries that have all passed away.”

TrekLand StackInside3x4WEBPG.IMG_3707Each track, digitally remastered from the audiotape origins, includes a brief introduction by Nemecek. Each CD’s three-panel liner insert with original photos and liner notes  describes all four, as well as the time context of the talk.   The original four interview segments on Volume 1 total 1 hour 18 minutes, and range in time from 1997 back to 1986 for Lenard, Nemecek’s first ever with a Trek celebrity.

As a Star Trek authority, Nemecek is the author of the ST: The Next Generation Companion (Pocket Books), longtime managing editor of onetime Star Trek Communicator magazine, writer/art coordinator of the former weekly Star Trek Fact Files, and a columnist since 1996 in Star Trek Magazine. The Oklahoma native is currently producing The Con of Wrath, a real-life pop culture documentary about “the most glorious failure in Star Trek history,” hosts the “LA2Vegas” Trek film site tour for Geek Nation Tours, and appears in Star Trek documentaries and at fan conventions each year.

The Bob Justman track was remastered by Ted Peterson; all others were by Christopher Jones at Debris, who also designed the album.

For more information, go to and Check out the creator on Facebook at Larry Nemecek’s Trekland, or follow him on Twitter at @larrynemecek.

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Original Source Larry Nemecek