Trekland Portal 47_Larry Nemecek is set to launch Trekland’s Portal 47 on Wednesday September 9, 2015.

What is Portal 47?

If you’re a new fan … a bored fan… or a fan who’s starting to realize just how much you don’t know … then my pioneering PORTAL 47 is for you.

If you enjoy my writing or my talks at cons, or my interviews with Treklanders or my comments on all these podcasts… then PORTAL 47 is really for you.

It’s so groundbreaking, there’s nothing like it out there in any fandom—much less Trekland.  In fact, why read about it? I’d much rather you hear about it—and that’s what our Sept. 9 meetup is all about.

It’s what I’ve wanted to develop for years: How to take Trekfans deep-diving when books, magazines, videos, CDs, podcasts and even live events all seemed so quarter-impulse …. when I wanted to race along at Warp 9.9!

There is a sign up form for Portal 47 on Larry’s website. After signing up your get all the details of how you can join Larry’s meet up on Wednesday and hear first-hand of all the surprises ahead.