warnogvulcanaleStar Trek.com revealed that a Federation of Beer landing party will man a booth at Creation Entertainment’s Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas and that their new Klingon Warnog and previously introduced Vulcan Ale will be available at several Creation parties.

Klingon Warnog is brewed by Tin Man Brewing of Evansville, Indiana in partnership with the Federation of Beer. The beer will be a Dunkelweizen style with rye. Warnog’s aroma is predominantly mild banana and clove produced by the German wheat yeast, supported by subtle sweet malt character from the use of Munich malt. The flavor draws heavily from the blending of the rye malt and traditional clove character, creating a very rich and unique flavor. The inclusion of wheat and caramel malts help to round out the mouthfeel of this beer.

Along with Vulcan Ale which will raise your eyebrow with exuberance. So, meld your mind with this memorable malt beverage, and reason… This amber is created with the use of choice hops and a unique blend of specialty malts to produce a rich and tasty brew.

Both beers will be available during the convention on a first-come, first-served basis at Creation’s Gold (Thurs July 31) and Captain’s Chair (Friday Aug1) parties at the Voodoo Lounge and Restaurant at the Rio Suites Hotel.

source Star Trek.com